Disco is arguably the most influential and culturally vital Western music movements of the past four decades. It sprung up in urban areas of the US in the late ‘60s and early 70s, and helped birth modern club culture, creating the template for everything from the superclub in Miami to the underground techno clubs of Brooklyn. It also was a safe space for marginalized communities, from the LGBTQ community to Black, Italian, and Latino ones. It influenced  early house and hip-hop, and has been re-imagined by a musicians hailing everywhere from Norway to Africa. In many ways, it has creatively and commercially outlasted rock n’ roll, a genre it was once pitted against.

For this edition of the 101 series, we’ll connect those dots, and touch on everything from its inception to its modern incarnations. You’ll get awesome playlists that cover the early years, Afro disco, Norwegian disco, early house and all points in between. By the end, you’ll know a lot more about this silently dominant sound, and you’ll also hear some great new tracks that be your future anthems. It’ll be fun, funky and, of course, free. Dive in below by signing up with your e-mail address!

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