The Black Experimental Music Mixtape

The Black Experimental Music Mixtape is a monthly mixtape curated by music journalist and critic, Jordannah Elizabeth. Each month, Jordannah will bring the best of the most far out music from Black musicians in America and across the world.

Black experimental music has no unifying characteristic beyond breaking the rules of contemporary Black music across genres. This month, SassyBlack’s intoxicating voice sits alongside Tomeka Reid’s otherworldly cello playing and The Veldt’s esoteric shoegaze. Meanwhile, Vagabon breaks the mold of what alternative rock should look and sound like; Valerie Joon explores out-of-body experiences on “Astral Plane”; 2Chainz refines trap on “Realize” in a way that encourages the maturity of the genre; and Zeal & Ardor meld American slave spirituals with heavy metal.