Blackened Thrash

Some of my earliest memories in life included thrash metal, with the Big Four leading the charge in the mid-’80s for the entire metal scene. This was a different time, where sub-genres barely existed (“thrash” being one of the few cited in publications at the time). Fast forward a decade later and an unsuspecting band from Norway by the name of Aura Noir (pictured above), coined a new term with their 1996 debut, Black Thrash Attack. It picked up where Venom started, and fused together thrash and black metal in a way that captivated a new audience from both backgrounds.

Although not nearly as renowned as other subgenres, Blackened Thrash continues to thrive today with many classic and modern acts that tour the world. Here are 12 tracks to get you started in the world of Blackend Thrash—the grotesque, bastard sub-genre of heavy metal.

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