The Dip’s “The Dip Digs” Playlist

Seattle band the Dip give vintage rhythm & blues sounds a modern spin, with spirited live shows that are quickly earning them a reputation as smart, stylish dance party starters. Led by frontman Tom Eddy (also of beloved Seattle electro-pop act Beat Connection), the Dip take a decidedly old-school and analog approach, boasting a full horn section and the backbone of a loose but locked-in rhythm section.

On “Slow Sipper,” all the seven-piece band’s signature traits are on vibrant display, as they simmer and sway through a ’60s-styled soul lament with a sure foot and a subtly muscular squeeze. The song kicks off this playlist of songs that display an equally patient and steady-rocking pace.

The band says: “Assembled by all members of the band, The Dip Digs is a collective playlist that features important musical themes that we find integral to enhancing our own musical compositions. In this current iteration of the playlist, we focused on the importance of patience and space within the groove and how we could meditate better on those moments. Many of these songs do so much with very simplistic parts and we tried to take that thoughtful restraint when writing our most recent release: “Slow Sipper.” As Miles Davis said: “It’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play.””