Django Django Selects

What’s This Playlist About? Before the release of their third album, Marble Skies, the British electro-psych-pop act compiled a mix as weird and wild as their own grooves. Or as they semi-accurately sum it up: “Booze, Broads & Barbershop Chords.”

What You Get: A veritable mish-mash of genres and eras, blind geniuses (Moondog) and brilliant enigmas (Prince), rap queens (Missy Elliott) and pop masterminds (The Beach Boys). There’s also old-school dancehall squeezed in beside classic trip-hop, experimental hip-hop, cheesy jazz-rock, smooth Philly soul, and Brian Eno’s inimitable ambient mastery.

Greatest Discovery: Nuyorican Soul’s jazzy/Latin/house hybrid “The Nervous Track,” presented in a “Ballsy Mix” by pioneering production team Masters at Work.

Guiltiest Pleasure: Lipps Inc.’s “Funky Town.” ‘Nuff said.

What’s the Best Way to Enjoy This Playlist? At a summer barbecue, but only if you have really cool friends.