Earth Moon Earth’s Desert Nights Playlist

Earth Moon Earth are an experimental rock/synth band from the LA-area’s High Desert, and when that’s your base, a preoccupation with the cosmos naturally comes with the territory. This self-described “celestial project” blends Shamanistic drum rhythms, lush bass, a psychedelic rock element and melodic synth sounds for vocalist Gabriella Evaro to howl overtop.  The band  released their self-titled debut album this summer on Gatos Trail Records. The band also debuted videos for tracks “Ruby” and, most recently, “It Begins”.

Says Drummer/ Composer/ Producer Dan Joeright of their Desert-inspired playlist: “A few years ago I built a recording studio in California’s High Desert and when the dust finally settled, just before I started Earth Moon Earth, I would spend endless hours looking up at the night sky listening to music. There is so much inspiration and mystery in the natural beauty — I used to (and still do) fire up my turntable and select the best possible music to accompany the countless stars and absolute stillness of my surroundings. This playlist is a small snapshot of what I listened to while discovering my own desert nights for the first time.”

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