Field Music: Whatcha Listening to, FM?

What You Get: A peppy, poppy potpourri of feverish classic funk from James Brown and Sly & The Family Stone and a whole lot of squelchy ’80s synths that range from delectable cheese (The Pointer Sisters) to silky, saucy confessions (Grace Jones) to the inimitable Purple One. There’s also a good deal of warm vintage soul (Otis Redding) and singer-songwriter sorrow (Randy Newman). It all may seem a bit random—if you weren’t familiar with Field Music’s own synth-funk-baroque-pop amalgam, that is.

Guiltiest Pleasure: British ’80s sister act Mel & Kim’s dizzying dance-pop single “Respectable,” an anthem for all shoulder-padded independent women.

Sweetest Surprise: Deerhoof’s shuffling, Spanish-sung electro-pop deep cut “Desaparecere.”

Can It Inspire Hope in a Post-Brexit U.K.? If bringing together English legends like Led Zeppelin, Roxy Music, George Michael, and Kate Bush can’t offer hope, nothing can.