Grimes: Musiq 4 Drawing

What’s This Playlist All About?: Canadian electro-pop visionary Claire Boucher (a.k.a. Grimes) makes a mood playlist capturing the tracks that inspire her to draw. As a point of reference, here are her drawings.

What You Get: A bunch of the least-cluttered tracks by ‘90s IDM trickster Aphex Twin, punctuated by wispy, ethereal songs from Lana Del Rey and other (generally female-fronted) electro-pop/rap acts. We’re not art critics, and we have no strong opinions about how this impacts her visual art, but it does reflect the general aesthetic poles in Grimes’ own music——the mixture of fairy-tale balladry, empowerment anthems, and smeared electronic atmospherics.

Biggest Surprise: Grimes still rides for Azealia Banks and Salem in 2018!

Greatest Discovery: The blurred, sludgy, nightmare pop of Ginger Blossom, who is exceedingly difficult to Google.

Does This Make Us Want To Draw?: Not really, which is probably a good thing for our friends and loved ones. It does, however, make us want to take a nap.