Yung Heazy’s Heazy Bangers Playlist

We could try to introduce Yung Heazy, but in a recent feature with Georgia Straight Vancouver, he sums himself up in a way that’s too good to try to restate: “Hi my name is Jordan Heaney but I’m known on the internet as Yung Heazy. I write, record, produce, and perform music some would classify as “Bedroom Pop” or “Jizz-Jazz” on my Macbook in my parent’s basement. My first full length LP, Whenever You’re Around I Hate Everything Less, drops June 1st which is the same day Kanye and Father John Misty release their next records so I mean, that’s a lot of music to catch up on man. I also love mac and cheese.”

Heazy wrote lead single “Cuz You’re My Girl” as a Valentine gift for his girlfriend, and the song took off after his humble SoundCloud post was repositioned on alona chemerys‘ music discovery YouTube channel. Now, celebrating his first full length and subsequent tour, we asked him to make us a playlist.

Says Heazy, “Never has there been a more perfect compilation of the boppiest indie bangers picked painstakingly by the Heaziest of Yung. If you live on this fookin pigskin we call planet earth these tunes are for you.”

Listen above or go right here.