Lana Del Rey’s Top 10 Sultriest Lines

Lana Del Rey promised us everything from the start: “It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you / Everything I do,” she sang on 2011’s “Video Games.” Since then, she’s remained completely committed to that line, doing everything in her power to continue to shock and seduce us with her purrs, her pouts, and her pen. As a songwriter, Lana Del Rey is utterly fearless. Some have even suggested she may just be the American Morrissey. Sure, she’s just as romantic and melodramatic. But she’s also crude and brash, sexy and sincere, and her sardonic side is vastly underrated. Though her tragic tales may be rife with clichés, her evocative telling of them remains her most intoxicating trait. Her fantasies and failures come alive in every vivid color, but what keeps us coming back for more is her unabashed openness: She’ll tell you exactly what she wants, when she wants it, and how she’s gonna get it. Here are 10 of Lana Del Rey’s sultriest, most biting lines.

  1. “Come and take a walk on the wild side / Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain / You like your girls insane”—”Born to Die”

Don’t fall for it. She’s not unhinged—this girl’s completely in control.

  1. “You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip-hop / But you fit me better than my favorite sweater”—”Blue Jeans”

This is our “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” playing it coy.

  1. “Let’s take Jesus off the dashboard / Got enough on his mind / We both know just what we’re here for / Saved too many times”—”Diet Mountain Dew”

Lana 101: Anytime you want to tease and provoke, you can always debase religion…

  1. “Money is the anthem, of success / So before we go out / What’s your address?”—”National Anthem”

…or patriotism…

  1. “My pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola”—”Cola”

…or multinational corporations.

  1. “Lick me up and take me like a vitamin / ‘ Cause my body’s sweet like sugar venom, oh yeah”—”Radio”

We wonder if she recommends dosing daily?

  1. “He used to call me DN / That stood for ‘deadly nightshade’ / ‘Cause I was filled with poison / But blessed with beauty and rage”—”Ultraviolence”

The femme fatale finds her weakness.

  1. “I fucked my way up to the top / This is my show”—”Fucked My Way Up to The Top”

She knows self-denial is never a good look…

  1. “You could be a bad motherfucker / But that don’t make you a man”—”High By the Beach”

…neither is holding on to a low-down loser.

  1. “I got a feeling in my bones / Can’t get you out of my veins / You can’t escape my affection / Wrap you up in my daisy chains”—”Summer Bummer”

Only Lana can get away with tying you up then setting your hot summer fling on fire.