The Lovely Eggs Present: Escape to Planet Oeuf

Lancaster, U.K. psych-punk pranksters The Lovely Eggs return on Feb. 23 with their most ambitous album yet, the Dave Fridmann-produced This Is Eggland. Here, they make us a playlist of escapist, space-bound anthems that reinforce the album’s underlying theme——that Britain is rotting to the yolk.

“For the last couple of years, it seems like the world has gone fucking mad. On one side of the planet, we’ve got a bigoted, racist misogynist as president of the most powerful country in the world, and on the other side we’ve got a little island tearing itself away from Europe to ‘make Britain great again.’ It’s division, it’s separatism, it’s xenophobia on a global scale. We are eating each other alive, drowning in a sea of capitalism where families who don’t have two half-pennies to rub together have got a fucking black Range Rover parked outside their two-up/two-down house on HP. Everyone is competing to live like millionaires. Range Rovers on terraced streets. Council estate girls with Gucci handbags. Pan-fucking-Dora. The middle class are choking on Prosecco. The constant need for more. We are the dog chewing on its bloody arse stump. It is absolutely insane. We feel like we are aliens living on a strange ridiculous planet. So we’ve made a playlist themed around outer space. These days, this is where feel most at home. Away from it all. On our own Planet Oeuf.”——Holly Ross and David Blackwell, a.k.a. The Lovely Eggs