Lucifer: The ‘Heavier Than You Might Think’ Playlist

For doom metal trio Lucifer, the term heavy is for sure a contemplative affair. As they drive their stake further into the ground of a genre that few words describe better, one that harkens back to a time when “heavy” was first-ever used to describe music in the late ’60s/ early ’70s, they’re simultaneously making a statement that not everything heavy is extreme, and not everything that’s extreme is heavy.

Sonically paying homage to what we now know as the arena rock and proto-metal of then with their brew of blues-influenced fuzzy guitars and deep, (yes, heavy!) tones today, the band — led by captivating front woman Johanna Sadonis and Hellacopters/ Entombed mastermind Nicke Andersson — isn’t just a carbon copy of their forefathers; they offer versatility to that vintage sound. With their second offering Lucifer II out this summer, the band sat down to discuss what heavy means to music and how it’s not actually exclusively attributed to the obvious. Check out their playlist of what could also easily be conceived as their influences above and/or right here

Says the band: “Heavy is quite a loose term, especially when it comes to music. Here are some heavy songs by artists you may or may not think of as particularly heavy. Most people probably don’t think of Journey as a heavy band. When Johanna told Nicke that they were, his reaction was a stubborn ‘No way!’ But he was schooled. ‘Hammer Horror’ by Kate Bush doesn’t exactly sound like Sleep but it gets pretty heavy at times. It’s hard not to surrender to Badfingers’ eerie super fuzzed chorus of ‘Give It Up.’ Wilson Pickett screaming ‘Heavy Metal Thunder!’ is just plain heavy. Get hit by some unexpectedly heavy shit and enjoy!”