Rich Jones’ Playlist: The Rich List

Rich Jones may be a solo artist, but everything he does stands for community. The Chicago rapper/singer-songwriter is the utmost optimist, championing and collaborating with local artists while striving to find acceptance and appreciation within himself via his own slick, soulful tunes. In 2018, Jones self-released <I>The Shoulder You Lean On</I>, a cool, calm, and collected set that melds his hip-hop background with the poise of a suave crooner. This is the sound of modern Chicago at its most sincere, though Jones proves there’s plenty more to be heard with this playlist of some of his favorite artists, many of whom also call the Windy City home.


Says Jones: “A playlist for you! Featuring some of my favorite music from Chicago and afar, both new and timeless. Catch a vibe and enjoy thoroughly.”