Axis: Sova’s Playlist: Shampoo Tunes

Initially formed as the solo project of guitarist Brett Sova and his Roland drum machine, Chicago’s Axis:Sova has expanded over the years into a full-fledged trio, with the addition of guitarist Tim Kaiser and bassist Jeremy Freeze. What’s remained the same, besides the drum machine, is the band’s commitment to noisy, wide-ranging psych-rock explorations. Latest album Shampoo You sees them further refining their sound, letting some streaks of sunshine sneak into their fried, kaleidoscopic jams. For this playlist, they mine inspirations of the late ’70s and early ’80s, from Chrome to Psychic TV to the B-52s.

Axis:Sova says, “For the Shampoo You sessions, melody and harmony were emphasized as much as we’d previously attended to noise and saturation, and many of the songs became pleasingly spikier than ever before in the process. The songs on this playlist, compiled by the band and sequenced by Tim Kaiser, capture the spirit of the making of Shampoo You, all coming from ’79-’83 except for a few cheats which we encourage listeners to catch…”