Smoking Bowls and Swimming Holes (A Summer Playlist) by Wooden Shjips

San Francisco’s experimental rockers Wooden Shjips set out to make a summer record on their latest album (the just-in-time-for-it May 25th-released “V”) so it’s no surprise summer was the theme when we asked them to make us a playlist.

Listening through their sun-soaked psychedelia on “V” tracks like the aptly titled “Staring at the Sun” and the fuzzy, jammy “Eclipse,” this hand-picked playlist might just be the best accompaniment to Wooden Shjips’ latest effort.

Says guitarist Ripley Johnson: “For this playlist I wanted to make something that could be dubbed onto an old cassette, perfect for taking in a boombox to the swimming hole, or on a sunny summer road trip. I mixed some of my old summer favs, like Meat Puppets, Van the man, Jerry, with some newer jams (Gun Outfit, Psychic Ills), paying attention more to the vibe than the source or genre.” Check it out now!