Speedy Ortiz’s “Streamy Ortiz” Playlist

What’s This Playlist All About? The grungy indie rockers compile a list of favorite tunes as they prepare for the April release of their third album, Twerp Verse.

What You Get: A playful, kitschy mix of oddball sounds that oddly kind of work together. Find yourself swaying to the doe-eyed Irish folk of The Roches before thrusting to the X-rated raps of Cupcakke. Elsewhere, charming lo-fi (Frankie Cosmos) sits alongside groovy, kaleidoscopic pop (Shintaro Sakamoto); streamlined dance bangers (Zedd); growling metalcore (Code Orange); and spooky, melancholic marvels (Sparklehorse).

Greatest Discovery: Young singer-songwriter Sidney Gish’s “I Eat Salads Now,” a witty and charmingly weird slice of DIY guitar-pop.

How Does This Reflect Speedy Ortiz in 2018? Twerp Verse singles like the dark, twisted “Villain” and the disorienting pop of “Lean In When I Suffer” blend together some of the more warped riffs and sardonic wit sprinkled throughout the playlist. Like the mix itself, Speedy Ortiz have become a little harder to pin down—in a good way.