Steve Reich’s Favorites

What’s This Playlist All About? “America’s greatest living composer” and minimal music pioneer Steve Reich compiles a few of his favorite tracks to celebrate the return of his landmark Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint to vinyl for the first time in more than 25 years via Nonesuch Records.

What You Get: Phenomenal sax work from John Coltrane balanced by stunning trumpet soloing from Miles Davis and plenty of majestic compositions from his oft-cited greatest influence Igor Stravinsky. There’s also a classic Dylan cut (“Maggie’s Farm”) and Radiohead’s most alien masterwork (“Everything In Its Right Place”).

Greatest Discovery: Male vocal quartet The Hilliard Ensemble performing composer Perotin’s haunting four-part version of “Viderunt Omnes,” an 11th century Gregorian chant.

What’s This Playlist Missing? Frankly, we’d love to see a much more comprehensive playlist featuring all of Reich’s major influences over his long, impressive career.