Tame Impala Return With Breezy Psych-House Anthem

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What It Is
Neu-psych festival darlings Tame Impala team up with Chinese American house producer ZHU on a one-off collaboration.

What It Sounds Like
This sounds like 4PM on a 90° summer afternoon. You and the crew have spent the day stumbling from stage to stage at your music festival of choice. You’re slightly intoxicated, but not so much that you’ve lost track of where you are. The opening synth sounds of “My Life” waft through nearby speakers — soft appredigios that lead into Kevin Parker’s hazy falsetto, which are soon underlined by rolling bass drums. The edible you just kicked in. Everything is perfect. You’ll live forever.

Either that or you’re shopping for a sweater at Urban Outfitters and nodding your head to a seemingly random synth-house track you can barely hear on the loudspeakers.

Playlists Placement
Anything with “sun,” “summer,” or “synths” in the title. Extra credit if it’s a “Summer Sun and Synths” playlist.