Thom Yorke’s Pitchfork Radio Playlist

What’s This Playlist All About?: The Radiohead icon continues to thrill die-hard fans and alienate casual ones with this woozy, wordless sound manifesto curated for Pitchfork’s Day for Night Festival in 2017. In his words: “It’s not this year’s music, it’s just the music that comes out of my walls at home.”

What You Get: Exotic blips, beats, and strips of sound laced, looped, and left to disintegrate (sometimes literally) into moody ambient and avant-garde pieces. The mix is bookended by Dutch artist Machinefabriek’s aqueous world of rippling drones, but in between it slips through dark, entrancing dream worlds (like John Luther Adams’ “The Light That Fills the World”) and eclectic sound sculptures molded from our most deep-seated anxieties (William Basinski’s “dlp 2.1”). Think “Treefingers” translated through advanced alien technologies.

Greatest Discovery: A Winged Victory for the Sullen—the name itself is perhaps more Thom Yorke than Thom Yorke could ever be. But even better is the European duo’s gorgeous, string-soaked, ambient-neoclassical arrangements, two of which are featured here. (By the way, their song titles are just as awesome.)

Will This Playlist Bore You? Let’s say there’s a 50/50 chance that, yes, it will. Keep in mind: This is mood music that can move you to the core, but only at just the right, reflective moment.