Wild Nothing’s Moon Roof Playlist

Indie-rock / dream-pop mastermind Jack Tatum, aka Wild Nothing, might be ever so slightly influenced by the 80s. With the lush, shimmering synth + guitars of his latest single “Shallow Water” off the upcoming album Indigo (August 31), he – alongside Cam Allen on drums, Benji Lysaght on guitar and Ariel Pink collaborator Jorge Elbrecht producing – has captured a mix between a timeless sound of then with the modern appeal of now. So naturally, when we asked him to make us a playlist, his concoction was right on par. 

Says Tatum, “This mix is a grab bag of new and old favorites. Most of these tracks are from the 1980’s, which should be no surprise coming from me. This is what I’ve been listening to at home during the LA heat wave. Everything from early 80’s Brazilian pop to Dutch glam rock and contemporary ambient music.”

Listen above or go right here.