Essential Acid House Trax

No, Acid House isn’t a reference to Timothy Leary’s flat. Rather, it’s the variant of house that originated from Chicago — thanks to legends like Phuture, Bam Bam, and Armando — and rapidly spread to Europe, effectively became that continent’s pop music for a short, beautiful stretch in the late 80s. The smiley face was the genre’s iconic logo, and anyone alive during that period (and actively going to raves) remembers the pounding, round basslines and those worming synth sounds (courtesy of the TB-303). In 1989 this music was fairly ubiquitous, in the UK in particular, and provided the soundtrack to the so-called “second summer of love.” This playlist, from FACT, combines tracks from both America and Europe, and offers a good primer to the genre for the uninitiated (or for those us us who’ve simply forgotten the genre).