Adron’s Music for Breakfast Playlist

Atlanta-born, Tropicalia-inspired singer-songwriter Adron has just released her new album Water Music — a love letter to the ocean, described as “a defiantly joyful look at escaping the gravity of land.” Featuring sweet, graceful vocals and a nylon-stringed guitar, her soft, breezy songs read like yacht rock for a new generation (which is probably why Steely Dan’s Don Fagen personally invited her to open for him!)

No stranger to themes as proven by her current concept record, when we asked Adron to make us a playlist, she chose to craft us a mix of “Music for Breakfast.” Leading with a chill song from a band known for making “crazy samba,” her playlist is pretty close to what you can expect from someone as eclectic and relaxed to make music about the sea. Listen above or go right here, and feel free to pair this with waffles.