The Album Leaf Presents: Solos and Duos

Throughout the fall of 2017, San Diego ambient post-rock architect Jimmy LaValle has overseen deluxe vinyl reissues of his back catalog on his own imprint, Eastern Glow Recordings. In the same industrious, self-sufficient spirit, he’s created a Dowsers playlist to celebrate fellow musical loners (and the partners with whom they commiserate).  

“Here’s a playlist of some of my favorite solo artists and duos. As a solo artist myself, I truly love discovering new (to me) music not made by a band. Multi-instrumentalists are kind of a musician’s musician at times, making music because it’s something we have to do. There’s a ton of material I’ve recorded over the years that’s never been released and it’s because I’m constantly creating. I admire these artists and songs, and it also reflects what I’m really currently into instrumentation-wise.”—Jimmy LaValle a.k.a. The Album Leaf