Amyl And the Sniffers Playlist

Amyl and The Sniffers rage on stage as if the 21st century never happened. The Melbourne, Australia, band look to the halcyon ’70s for cues on how to not give a f*ck, as they spit and sprint through fast, furious, and female-empowered punk shout-alongs on their 2019 self-titled debut album. They call it “pub punk,” frontwoman Amy Taylor told NME, “because we spend a lot of time in the pub.”

Inviting us further into their rough-and-tumble world—or, rather, pub—the band put together a mix for us, full of high-strung punk, greasy garage rock, and apocalyptic post-punk—many of it coming straight out of their native Australia. The members also shared a few quick thoughts on three of their song choices:

Bryce on Cosmic Psychos’ “Go the Hack”: “I love this song because half of it is a solo.”

Dec on Skyhooks’ “Horror Movie”: “It’s almost Halloween. True stories are the hardest to believe.”

Amy on Sleaford Mods’ “Bang Someone Out”: “Sometimes I just wanna bang someone out, too.”