The Bobby Lees’ Alive Playlist

The Bobby Lees’ lo-fi, high-powered punk evokes classic DIY noise while sounding urgent and vital. For their 2020 sophomore album, SKIN SUIT, the Woodstock, NY, band recruited underground punk hero Jon Spencer for production, cover Richard Hell and The Voidoids (“Blank Generation”) and Bo Diddley (“I’m a Man”), and churn out fresh, feverish riffs in a manic call to their own generation. Songs like “Move” and “Drive” are so jittery and jumpy, they almost feel claustrophobic, while vocalist/guitarist Sam Quartin’s shivers and sneers add a bluesy, breathless bombast that offers a sweet sense of catharsis. It’s just the type of energy to make you feel alive—a theme the band also embraces on this specially curated mix.

The Bobby Lees say of their playlist: “Our new record SKIN SUIT just came out on 7/17/20 on Alive Naturalsound Records. We were scheduled to be on tour most of the year, but everything got canceled, so right now we need a little extra boost to get the day going and feel all right. These songs do the trick!”