Camila Cabello’s Favorite Love Songs

What’s This Playlist All About? The “Havana” singer and former Fifth Harmony star reveals the tracks that leave her swooning.

What Do You Get? A fun (though somewhat predictable) mix of mushy modern pop hits and timeless romantic classics. The playlist leans mostly on recent stuff (we’ll give her a pass since she’s only 20 years old), including Taylor Swift at her sweetest (“Love Story”), Ed Sheeran at his schmaltziest (“Perfect”), and Selena Gomez at her sultriest (“Hands to Myself”)—oh, and Camila herself at her slinkiest (“Never Be the Same”). A little Stevie Wonder and Prince are thrown in for good measure, while The Weeknd slips in not once, but twice.

Most Romantic: No one can top Etta James. No one.

Will Playing This Win Over Your Crush? Only if you’re 15 to 25 years old.