Dan Deacon’s Favorite Soundtracks

Though best known as the electro-pop Pied Piper of the Baltimore underground, DIY deity Dan Deacon has also delved into modern-classical composition through commissions for Kronos Quartet and scores for ballets. His latest project marks his first full-album foray into the form—a soundtrack for Theo Anthony’s new documentary, Rat Film, an examination of the rodent infestation in their hometown and, by extension, the systemic poverty and racism that suppress the city’s underclass. For this playlist he created specially for The Dowsers, Deacon selects the film music that put him in a cinematic state of mind.

“Music composed with the intention of being paired with a moving image is written with such a different mindset than music written for any other context. Being able to listen to soundtracks separate from the films allows my imagination to seep deeper into the universe of the films. For example, listening to Bernard Herrmanns’ themes for Taxi Driver or Jerry Goldsmith’s music for Total Recall puts me in the mindset and emotions of the characters and transports me to the locations. It adds levels of depth that further my enjoyment for subsequent re-watchings of the films. This playlist contains some of my favorite music for films available on Spotify.”—Dan Deacon