Daniel Avery’s Winter 2017 Mix

What’s This Playlist All About? The London DJ and producer offers an ever-expanding mix of “the music in his head,” and, thankfully, it doesn’t just stop at 2017.

What Do You Get? Much like Avery’s own moody, minimalist translations of classic club sounds, this lengthy collection is all about harnessing negative space to create dark, disturbing, sometimes disorienting, alien atmospheres. As the playlist takes several celestial detours, current tracks (including selections from his own 2018 EP, Slow Fade) seamlessly mix with older classics from New Order and exotic gems like the dizzying 808 experiments from Hypnobeat.

Greatest Discovery: The rare, rather inviting voice comes from Australian singer/songwriter Carla dal Forno, whose hypnotizing track “Clusters” is dark and dreamy, all while laced in a soft lo-fi buzz.

Will This Playlist Ever End? Currently at 103 songs and nearly 11 hours, it does have its moments of seeming endlessness, where beats and loops refuse to cease. This may admittedly cause some slight anxiety, but there’s enough transcendent bliss in between to set you at ease. In other words, the real answer to that question is: We hope not.