Deru’s “Torn in Two: Album Thoughts & Resonances” Visual Playlist

L.A.-based Composer, musician, and sound designer Benjamin Wynn has some unique credits to his name, but it’s his work as electronic artist Deru that has most made the greatest impact. Over the course of five studio albums as well as several singles, collaborations, and remixes on such well-loved electronic labels as Mush, Merck, Ghostly International, and Mille Plateaux, Deru has established a sonic palette that draws from ambient, IDM, glitch, classic film scores, and more to create soundscapes that flicker from tense to haunted to hopeful. To accompany and unpack latest Deru album Torn in Two, Wynn has created this visual playlist. 

Wynn says: “Torn In Two deals with some of the frustration, anger, and disassociation that I’ve been feeling lately. It explores these feelings and also attempts to gain some perspective on them. One way that I aimed to gain some perspective was by viewing the earth from above while looking down. I did this both in my imagination and also later by capturing drone footage for the 3 videos for the project. Looking down from above had the effect of distancing myself from individual human emotions and allowed me to see societies on a larger scale. It also allowed me to think about our place in history, and where we might be going in the future.”