Domino Sound System

What This Is: The beloved British record label selects must-hear independent music—much of it still under the radar. Since their start in the early ’90s representing American indie outsiders like Sebadoh and Smog, Domino has always had a keen ear. Since, they’ve celebrated massive successes with bands like Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, and Animal Collective. So, you can count on these guys to pick out some truly great tracks.

What To Expect: You’ll hear some of Domino’s own signees, of course, but not exclusively. In fact, anything goes here, as long as it skews mighty far from any center. Expect weird, wily indie pop; jazzy, gothic torch songs; cozy bedroom pop; spooky, hypnagogic electronic; sultry psych-pop; and maybe even some African-folk-infused R&B. If you’re looking for a wide range of independent music that still has some edge—and plenty of offbeat brilliance—this is your go-to playlist.