Forever’s Playlist

As Forever, Canadian artist June Moon takes us on a musical experience that comes off both sincerely sweet and slyly seductive. Since releasing a self-titled EP in 2016, Moon has subtly shaped and reshaped Forever’s sound to reflect her own emotional journey, especially after experiencing a devastating heartbreak. The result is her second EP, Close to the Flame, a six-track set that transforms her woe into woozy, almost euphoric productions that meld hints of velvety R&B, soulful pop, and slinky trip-hop beats—just experience the opener “Blur” to fully sink into Forever’s luxurious grooves. To get a feel for what inspires Moon herself, we asked the singer/songwriter to make us a quick mix of what makes her tick—or rather, lick. Says Moon of her playlist entitled I’ve Tried to Recite the Makings of You: “I made it in bed thinking about licking the air. These songs are good for that.”