Hoops’ Greatest Cassette Finds

In May 2017, Indiana’s foremost jangly dream-pop outfit, Hoops, released their first proper, studio-recorded album, Routines, after years of putting out music on lo-fi, limited-edition cassettes. Those early releases will be issued on November 10 through Fat Possum as Tapes #1-3 —and while the band were getting all misty-eyed over their home-recording roots, we got them to make us a mix of favorite songs they first encountered on cruddy bargain-bin cassettes.

“This is a collection of songs that we really like, most of which we discovered from cassettes found at Goodwills and record shops around where we’re from. This is all stuff that we play in the van and at parties, basically, whenever we get the chance. It’s all pretty representative of where we draw the most influence from when it comes to our own music. We highly recommend these tracks, but also the deeper cuts that come from their respective albums. Cassettes for us have always been a really easy and fun way to discover, listen to, and even put out music over the years.”—Hoops