Howard’s “Mind Body and Soul: Classics & Currents” Playlist

For their second album, Together Alone, Howard Feibusch’s namesake recording project Howard expanded to become a full four-piece band, incorporating touring members who had fleshed out the live show for debut album Religion. Ironically, the group setup comes in service of an album exploring the disconnects between our modern forms of always online sociability and its attendant feelings of isolation. For this playlist, Howard assembles a diverse mix of songs that pull the listener into their moment.

Feibusch says, “No matter the time, place, or era these songs were made, they take me out of my environment and take bring to an inspired headspace. Some take me inward and others outward. Some inspire to hold still while others to move. All these songs are elevated by both their songwriting and most taken up an additional notch by their unique production.”