James Lavelle’s Living In My Headphones

What This Is: This epic playlist is described as “virtual crate digging through the musical mind of James Lavelle.” In other words, the UNKLE mastermind and former Mo’Wax label head mines the deep vaults of Spotify for rare finds and deep cuts, as well as big hits and soundtrack faves in techno, electronic, alt-rock, and hip-hop. Lavelle has been updating this since 2013.

What To Expect: It’s a playlist meant to “keep you guessing,” meaning you may catch a smooth Drake track alongside an ornate Tears for Fears cut alongside a groovy Jamie XX remix alongside a fiery Dionne Warwick gem. Still, in typical UNKLE style, there’s a sort of dark, woozy sultriness running through much of the mix, with an occasional playful punch from someone like, say, LL Cool J. You’ll get plenty of classic rock and soul and especially ’90s—shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine), trip-hop (Tricky), Britpop (Blur), experimental rock (Radiohead), and IDM (Aphex Twin)—and some great new stuff, too, from Kamasi Washington to DJ Koze to the suave jazz of New York’s Onyx Collective.