James Murphy & Soulwax’s Despacio Party Playlist

What’s This Playlist All About? The LCD Soundsystem mastermind and pals David & Stephen Dewaele of Soulwax and 2ManyDJs got back to spinning vinyl (and only vinyl) at their 2018 Despacio party residency at Queens’ Knockdown Center. If you were there, you may have enjoyed the set while sipping on wines from Murphy’s restaurant, Four Horsemen. If you weren’t, Brooklyn Vegan’s Arielle Gordon graciously compiled this mix featuring highlights from the first of three nights.

What Do You Get? A whole lot of classic disco, New Wave, and house, all on the headier end of the dance spectrum. It kicks off with one of Paul McCartney’s weirdest (and best) synth experiments (“Check My Machine”), then digs into classic Bowie, Byrne, and Carly Simon, alongside a few Soulwax remixes of French artistes Charlotte Gainsbourg and The Peppers. In between, there’s just enough dance-floor cheese sprinkled about (including some “Jungle Boogie”) to keep the mood pleasantly lighthearted.

Greatest Discovery: The 1983 collaboration between French composer Hector Zazou, Congolese singer Bony Bikaye, and electronic duo CY1, who mixed analog synths, krautrock, funk, and African influences into entrancing tracks like “Lamuka.”

Guiltiest Pleasure: Lyn Christopher’s slinky, sexy funk-pop sizzler “Take Me With You.”

Best Surprise: Black Sabbath’s psychedlic slow-burner “Planet Caravan.” It glues together the surrounding disco beats and funky grooves surprisingly well.

Toss Up: James Murphy Spinning This Mix or an All LCD Soundsystem Set? We’re going to go with the former here, if only because we’re getting a little older and hearing these classics alongside a couple glasses of that wine sounds pretty nice right about now.