Kurt Vile’s Nepotismic Reticulum: 10 Faves 2018

What’s This Playlist All About? The finest rocker out of Philly gives a shout-out to 10 of his friends with this top 10 list for 2018.

What You Get: A fun peek into Vile’s musical universe, including past collaborators like Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, John Prine, Yo La Tengo, and Steve Gunn, as well as good pal and duet partner Courtney Barnett. This means a lot of great guitar work and plenty of profound wordplay, all caught in a dreamy, melancholic haze.

Best Pick: Tour partner Jessica Pratt’s hushed, ethereal acoustic beauty “This Time Around,” the first single from her upcoming 2019 album, Quiet Signs.

Does Vile Have Good Taste? We’ll admit his mix isn’t too terribly out of his indie/folk/rock domain (though the haunting experiments of Grouper add a nice cosmic touch), but it does make for a solid glimpse into 2018’s more understated and underappreciated sounds.