Living Room Swinging: Guaranteed Home Dance-Party Starters

Fancy-pants scientist types with glasses and clipboards have been telling us this for years: Dancing is good for you. Along with improving the condition of your heart, lungs, muscles, bones, and many other bodily bits, it can increase your agility, flexibility, and endurance as well. And then there are the psychological and emotional effects thanks to the release of all those delicious endorphins. Most importantly, dancing can transform you into a stone-cold fox who feels like one, too. And who the hell doesn’t need that right now?

Though we can’t be there to help move your furniture or do anything else that needs to be done to give you the room to move, we can supply this set of supremely fun and funky favorites that will get you up on your feet and ready to channel that cabin fever into a far more positive outlet. You’ve gotta dance like no one’s watching, although if you do feel like getting out on the balcony or the front porch to share with your neighbors, we’re not standing in your way.

Photo Credit: Matthew LeJune on Unsplash