Local Action’s Ambient Resistance

What’s This Playlist All About? Independent London label Local Action—who specializes in far-out genre blends, heavy grime, esoteric electronic, and heady pop and R&B (be on the lookout for their release of DAWN’s stunning new album New Breed out January 25)—helps us “ease into 2019” with a fresh mix of “ambient, modern classical, piano, OSTs and everything in between.”

What You Get: Over a half-day of enchanting instrumentals and quietly devastating masterpieces that look back through the decades (even centuries). Get a taste of Erik Satie’s melancholic piece de resistance “Gymnopedie No. 1,” whimsical soundtrack sounds from Christopher Larkin, cosmic avant-rock from David Sylvian, heartbreaking orchestral splendor by Silver Mt. Zion, multidimensional ambient transcendence from Yves Tumor, and some sensual piano bliss from Enya for good measure.

Greatest Discovery: Hmm, this is hard, but it’s best to get familiar with Japanese ambient pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura’s patient, percolating keyboards and drones on tracks like “Water Copy” and “Soto Wa Ame – Rain out of Window.”

Is a 15-hour “beatless” playlist really necessary? If you have to ask, you just don’t get it.