Peter Bjorn and John’s 3 New Singles Plus 5 Favorites Each

What’s This Playlist All About? Just as the title states, the Swedish trio treats us to three new singles from their eighth studio album, Darker Days, one written by each member, followed by their own personal picks (5 each).

What You Get: A taste of each member’s sweet pop proclivities. First up is Peter Moren’s swinging pop groove “One for the Team,” followed by his personal picks, including the fragile indie rock of Tiny Ruins and the melancholic charm of Palehound. Then comes John Eriksson’s “Gut Feeling,” supported by his varied favorites, like Les Big Byrd’s swirling pop and Nick Cave’s ominous meditations. Finally, Bjorn Yttling shares his bouncy earworm “Every Other Night,” plus his own choice cuts, including the jazzy jams of The Fabulous Three and Black Sabbath’s spaciest head trip.

Greatest Discovery: The dreamy confection “Love is a Vicious Drug,” a Bjorn pick, from fellow Swedes BC Unidos, featuring producer Patrik Berger (who has worked with Robyn and Charli XCX) and singer/songwriter Markus Krunegard.

Which Member Has the Best Taste? Isn’t that like asking which child is our favorite? (Ok, maybe Bjorn?!)