Robyn’s The Music That Inspired Honey

What’s This Playlist All About? The dance-pop heroine returns with her first new album in eight years, Honey, and unveils the source material behind its transcendent throbs and euphoric post-disco grooves.

What You Get: An eclectic cornucopia of old and new master works, starting with an understated piano sonata from Mozart, before kicking into silky smooth disco classics from underrated artists like George McCrae, Sylvester, and Kiki Gyan. In between is iconic cuts from Bowie, Prince, and MJ; mind-warping beats from DJ Koze, Aphex Twin, and DJ Q; and crate-digging treasures from Idris Muhammed, Mary Clark, and Bicep. There’s also ‘80s house track “French Kiss,” which Robyn samples on Honey song “Send to Robin Immediately.”

Greatest Discovery: There are so many good nuggets in here, so we’re going to go with Robyn’s own signee Zhala (who also appears on Honey’s “Human Being”) and her cosmic dance-floor experiments like “Aerobic Lambada.”

How Well Does This Playlist Reflect the Music of Honey? This here is required listening for Advanced Robyn Studies. You get pop’s most definitive eccentrics mixed with the underground’s most subversive innovators. Robyn distills these influences into refined electropop pumped with both existential despair and limitless hope on the wonderful new Honey.