Sigur Ros’ Liminal

What’s This Playlist All About? Iceland’s most mystical musical masterminds challenge our idea of infinity with what they’re calling their “endless ambient streaming mixtape.” Essentially, this is their home for compiling new and unreleased material, which they plan to continually update.

What You Get: Curated by frontman Jonsi, alongside frequent collaborators Alex Somers and Paul Corley, the mix features the purest, most glistening ambient experiments this side of the universe. Some of the songs are previews from their augmented reality project with tech start-up Magic Leap, called Tonandi. Others inch their way through the brain, expanding your consciousness ever so seductively. Like all things Sigur Ros, the music here is best described as “otherworldly”—all other words fail to capture its awesomeness.

Most Enchanting Track: Alex Somers’ remix of Julianna Barwick’s already devastatingly beautiful “The Harbinger.”

Best Place to Start? We’d actually recommend reversing the order, starting with “Boy 1904 – Liminal Remix,” which could very well be the song that plays as you ascend into heaven.