Spinning Coin’s Favorite Spins

Glasgow’s Spinning Coin are the latest in a long, storied lineage of winsome, delightfully discordant Scottish indie-pop bands. With their Edwyn Collins-produced debut, Permo, due to arrive on Domino Records on Nov. 10, the group collaborated to make us this playlist of current and eternal favourites.

Diana Ross & the Supremes, “Someday We’ll Be Together”
Listened pretty much exclusively to Diana Ross & the Supremes for a couple of years. Fell in love with the vocal style—soft and harsh at the same time. Amazing vibrato, and the songs were so intense and real.
Sean Nicholas Savage, “Pupil of The Night”
Otherworldly pop music. Listened to his album Flamingo over and over in the van on my first tour of Europe. It was the perfect soundtrack—full of wonder and strangeness, and an incredible voice.
King Krule, “Czech One”
Really love the way King Krule produces his music. A loose collage with jazz influences, and a lot of feeling. Warm, brilliant atmospheric sounds.
Keel Her, “Don’t Look At Me”
Fantastic and prolific. Has thousands of songs, all brilliant, and quite varied. Very inspiring to anyone who wants to home-record.

Éliane Radigue, “Kyema (Intermediate States)”
A beautiful and restorative piece of drone music. For years I would listen to it while falling asleep. It’s a nice listen on a long walk as well.
Mary Margaret O’Hara, “Body’s in Trouble”
This record is brilliant. Mary rarely performs these days, but every year she puts on a St. Patrick’s party in Toronto called The Martian Awareness Ball. When we met, she invited me to play one of them without having heard my music. It was my first gig! I felt so lucky.
Tasseomancy, “29 Palms”
Sari and Romy’s tunes are gorgeous and trippy. I remember when they released this record, it felt like I’d received a gift.
Elliott Smith, “Coming up Roses”
Every autumn I seem to fall back into an Elliott Smith vortex. This is one of my favourites.

Brigid Mae Power, “I Left Myself For A While”
A beautiful song from an amazing album I have been listening to obsessively for weeks.
Anne Briggs, “Ride, Ride” *
Anne Briggs makes sacred, elemental, earth music, best listened to in deep meditation.
* This song isn’t available on Spotify, so listen to it on YouTube instead.
Trash Kit, “Leaves”
I really love Trash Kit. I listen to this album regularly first thing in the morning! There are two Rachels in this band, and they are/have been involved in lots of other great bands—Bamboo, Halo Halo, Sacred Paws, Shopping, and more!
Sex Hands, “Pivot”
Can you work out what this concept album is about? Sex Hands are also involved in other great things—check out The Birth Marks and Irma Vep.

Joe Meek and the Blue Men, “The Bulblight”
I love Joe Meek productions. I like to think of him up in his flat on Holloway Road coming up with these mad sounds.
Funkadelic, “Back In Our Minds”
This sounds so cool. Funkadelic make you feel good—they can transport you with their music.
The Breeders, “Off You”
Me, Sean, and Rachel went to see The Breeders the other week. They have so many great songs. I love the synth stab in this one.
Golden Teacher, “Dante and Pilgrim”
Friends from Glasgow making great tunes. Kicked off at Green Door Studios; amazing live.

Delta 5, “Mind Your Own Business”
One of the first covers I played that I liked.
OutKast, “Aquemini”
Production sounds like a swamp house, and I like swamp houses.
Duds, “No Remark”
Friends from Manchester playing great tunes.
Dele Sosimi, “E Go Betta”
A song I was shown fairly recently that blew my tiny mind.

Alvvays, “In Undertow”
We played with Alvvays recently. It was a great pleasure. They have lots of wonderful tunes! I am addicted to them these days.
Girl Ray, “Trouble”
Really looking forward to supporting Girl Ray. They have sooo many amazing songs!
Angel Olsen, “Stars”
This is definitely one of my favourite songs and albums from the past few years. Love it! “Sister” is also an incredible track worth checking out.