The 200* Best Songs of the ’80s

There’s been a lot of consternation and conversation around Pitchfork’s list of the “definitive” songs of the 80s, and I won’t add to the criticism (though, yeah, they picked the wrong Prince song). But there are some real finds in the list as well. The Bronski Beat, Loose Joints and Ja Funmi were all new to me, and all pretty damn great, and props to them for including Rammnalzee, Alice Coltrane, and Tom Zé. Pitchfork is best known for its indie rock focus, but they actually do well when they incorporate more obscure genres, and this list serves well as an alternative canon. Still, “Purple Rain” as #1?

* Only 191 of the 200 are actually on Spotify, and among the omissions is a certainly princely power ballad.