Tourist: Day, Night & Slumber

What Are These Playlists All About? The British electronic artist (and co-songwriter behind Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”) delivers a trio of playlists for the Day, Night and Slumber—a fitting companion to his latest album, Everyday.

What You Get: Starting with Day, featuring “music to live by,” Tourist kicks off the mix with his own ambient, cathartic, Sigur Ros-leaning “Someone Else,” before slipping into airy reveries both classic and fresh, from the Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil to Toro y Moi and Yves Tumor; he also adds in a little extra bite from CAN and Gang of Four. Next comes Night, featuring “music to dance to,” which includes a whole lot of experimental twists and turns from one-named aliases like Objekt and Actress, who delve deep into dark, slippery IDM, and Lone, whose blissed-out jungle rhythms add a touch of euphoria. Lastly, Slumber is “music to fall asleep to,” which, oddly enough, starts with the same song as his Day mix, before diving into the gentle melodies of singer/songwriter greats like Daniel Johnston, Leonard Cohen, Bon Iver, and Sufjan Stevens, plus some lovely piano pieces from Jon Brion and Erik Satie.

Best Surprises: Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner’s gentle acoustic turn on “It’s hard to get around the wind”; the hypnotic electro-pop of Molly Nilsson on “Hey Moon!”; and the wonky grooves of DJ Boring’s “Winona” (featuring a sample of Winona Ryder herself).

Day, Night, or Slumber? Tourist beautifully captures a certain mood with each playlist, but we’re personally partial to his Day mix—the most fun and vibrant blend of dreamy pop journeys and mind-bending electronic voyages that best capture the producer’s own melodic and experimental tendencies.