Tunng’s Night of Dreams Playlist

British folktronica cornerstones Tunng have just released Songs You Make at Night, their sixth record, and first from their original line-up in eleven years. And while the obvious “back to basics” cliche that implicates most likely already crossed your mind, the result really is a genuine return to form, seeing the pioneers of a genre revisit the light touch of electronic that affirmed “folktronica” to begin with. Or as Clash Music so eloquently describes, “Delicate, introspective and experimental, Tunng built a name upon their ability to intertwine vibrant tapestries of folk with warbling touches of electronica” and that’s as prevalent as ever on their latest effort. To accompany their album, we asked the band to make us a playlist, and riffing off the theme of night, here’s what they came up with.

Says Mike Lindsay, “One of the recurring themes of the new record is how our brains create our experience of the world around us. That’s true of our waking life but especially so of our dream worlds. Imagine it’s the future and the consciousnesses of the six members of Tunng have been combined inside one giant artificial brain that right now is gently nodding off to sleep. Our playlist concept is Mike and I imagining the songs that would be the soundtrack to the weird and wonderful dreams of that giant brain on its night-time adventures. The psychedelic and mesmeric, the beautiful and the gentle, the simple and the melodic, the energetic and the somnambulant. We hope you like them!”

Listen above or go right here.