Weezer’s Keeping It Weezy

What’s This Playlist All About? Just as we were gearing up for Weezer’s long-awaited Black Album, they surprise drop their Teal Album, an unabashed set of covers that tackles such classics as Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid,” TLC’s “No Scrubs,” and MJ’s “Billie Jean.” This playlist serves as an excellent accompaniment, as it rounds up a bunch of seemingly random, but rather excellent, tracks that are ripe to get their own Weezer treatment. Because “when life isn’t easy, stick to Keeping It Weezy.”

What You Get: As with most things Weezer, this playlist is far from predictable. There’s the band’s own slippery foray into funk with “Can’t Knock the Hustle” and their beloved cover of Toto’s “Africa.” But in between is some cacophonous grit from Nine Inch Nails, slick robo-pop from Jamiroquai, piercing ‘70s rock badassery from Neil Merryweather, too-cool French jazz-pop from Michel Legrand, psychedelic gold from The Glass Family, and rainbow-infused glam rock from Jobriath.

Greatest Discovery: The mind-altering cosmic chaos of “Dreamt Person v3” from electronic maestro Venetian Snares.

Which of These Tracks Should Weezer Cover Next? We’d love to hear a smoothed-out, Weezerfied version of Death Grips’ glitchy growler “Black Paint.”